The life story of Ron Harris

Ron Harris is one of those players that every casino is wary about, but they also know that they need to have. To the average person, the technology that is accessible at casinos is overwhelming, but to someone like Ron Harris, who is knowledgeable about technology, it is like paradise on earth.

If you were a techy, having the opportunity to be the one who is responsible for some of the most high-tech gadgets on the market would be a dream come true. On the other hand, you would never imagine of doing what Ron Harris did. On the other hand, Ron, just like so many others who came before him and so many more who will come after him, will attempt to demonstrate that they are more intelligent than the machine.

He wanted to demonstrate to himself that he was capable of outwitting the machine and the casinos while also generating a significant amount of money from doing so. However, once you have to allow others in on a plan, there is a possibility that everything will come crashing down. His idea was successful and earned him a great lot of money; however, whenever you have to let others in on a plan, there is a danger that everything will come crashing down. This was a thing that Ron had to find out the hard way and learn.

The Situation

People have been trying to find out how to cheat at slot machines ever since they were first introduced in the late 1800s. However, it has been difficult for them to do so. The games were designed to provide players a remote possibility of success while also ensuring a healthy return on investment for the establishment’s proprietor. Ron Harris was one of those individuals who utilized all of their resources to make the task as simple as possible, despite the fact that throughout history there have been a great number of people who have perfected the art of tricking the casinos.

Ronald Dale Harris was born on July 3, 1956, and although not much is known about Ron’s early life, it is known that after he started working for the Nevada Gaming Control Board, he began to see opportunities. He was brought on board to work in the capacity of computer programmer and technician. Ron was one of those guys who was able to pick up computer programming as easily as if it were second nature to them. The Nevada Gaming Control Board was about to find out the hard way exactly how excellent he really was, and he was going to make it for them. He could make a computer program do just about anything.

Beating the System at Its Own Game

Since Ron worked in the electronic branch of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, he had unrivaled access to the gaming machines that he intended to use to become an extremely wealthy man. Before they were brought out onto the casino floor, it was his responsibility to test and inspect any new slot machines as well as the number counters on the keno machines.

This is when he discovered that the machines were using EPROM chips, which he found out about.
The sort of chip known as an EPROM, which stands for erasable programmable read only memory, is not the kind of chip that should have been used in the production of a slot game. These chips provided Ron with every chance he could have asked for.

Because of these chips, he was able to delete their contents and re-program them with his own software. He had built a software that would allow the machine to pay out jackpots in accordance with the player’s performance in the game. He designed his software in such a way that it would ensure a player would walk away with the huge prize provided they followed a certain pattern while they were competing in the game.

As part of his profession, he was required to make random visits to casinos in order to verify that the chips being used by the gaming machines were the same ones that had been validated at the time that the game was originally introduced to the establishment. It did not matter if one of Ron’s coworkers were to be given a game that Ron had rigged since the chip would still match the game because the chips that Ron was using were the ones that had previously been approved. This was because the chips that Ron was using were the ones that had already been authorized.

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